Our creative team operates on the ethos that good design comes from a detailed and holistic understanding of every step in the process, from initial idea to in-store activation, each step is thoroughly considered to make each project come to life.

Recognising that there is more to the success of a product than meets the eye, we work closely with our client’s to not only develop a strong connection with their brands and strategies, but to also gather an in-depth understanding of the needs and requirements of their store representatives, retailers, and operations teams. Our visually impactful and disruptive ideas, combined with our commitment to offering a smooth journey from production facility to store, is why our products are often considered best-in-class.

Our local production facilities, backed by our very extensive network of offshore supply partners, provides access to a powerful range of manufacturing capabilities that can be used to produce incredibly bespoke solutions utilising an array of mediums. Through strict quality control measures, we can consistently and reliably meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.

Through our dedicated storage and distribution network we are able to seamlessly integrate with our customer’s existing shed and store networks. kitting and deliveries take place on a daily basis, utilising our national network as well our “direct to port container drops” that greatly increase efficiencies and reduce cost.

A close partnership and meaningful collaboration with our clients are perhaps more important now than it has ever been, with budgetary pressure and tough competition, standing out in the crowd requires great communication, efficient systems and deep understanding with a personal touch. It is these elements along with the support from the entire Lithocraft team that has seen us thrive in recent times and creates a lot of excitement as we establish ourselves as a major player in the Australian market.

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