Best practice consulting

Working with our clients to understand their requirements and objectives for print and marketing communications, we develop ‘multi-channel’ solutions to improve workflow and reduce costs.

Marketing workflow & publishing solutions

Offer tailored web-to-print solutions to better manage data and content with the use of innovative technology.

Advanced online ordering platform

Lithocraft’s online solution provides a fast and easy shopping basket style ordering system. Importantly, the feature rich system manages the entire order process, history and tracking, proofing, inventory management and reporting.

Creative services

Lithocraft offers high-level creative services through its partnership with Collier Creative, a full-service creative agency.

Pre media & digital production

Lithocraft’s technology provides clients with a web to print remote onsite prepress facility which allows jobs to be preflighted, traced and proofed online.

Print production & finishing

As a manufacturer, Lithocraft provides a complete end to end in-house system to facilitate all our customer’s print production and finishing requirements.

Local / offshore production

Lithocraft not only has a comprehensive local manufacturing platform but an exclusive alliance with one of Asia’s largest printing organisations (C&C Printing) to provide cost effective offshore sourcing options to our clients.

Warehousing & distribution

Our custom built ‘state of’ facilitate the storage, picking and packing, inventory control, order fulfilment, kitting and distribution of all our clients print, POS and merchandising requirements nationally.

POS & displays

Lithocraft’s specialise in market leading design and POSM production which is supported by superior technology to optimise the supply of POS materials.

Onsite hubs

Lithocraft provides an in-house solution (Print/Finished Art/Fulfilment & Distribution) by providing dedicated skilled staff on-site. Our ‘Print Hub’ Model speeds up the process and reduces cost.

Measure & improve

Optimising business performance through data collection, analytics reporting, and best practice consulting identifies opportunities to improve efficiencies, control costs and drive value across the supply chain.

With our fully integrated service model, not only can we provide a comprehensive manufacturing platform, but we can also offer the latest marketing automation tools, creative services, warehousing and logistics and exclusive access to one of Asia’s largest print organisations, C&C Printing.

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