People First

Since Lithocraft opened its doors back in the early 60s, it has always respected, motivated and developed its people to perform at their best. Over the decades, it’s Lithocraft’s ‘people first’ culture that has remained one of its most important and enduring values.

Lithocraft’s talented team have a valuable combination of industry expertise and customer service experience to efficiently, pragmatically and creatively solve the most complex business issues. Best practice account management has always been a cornerstone for the company’s enduring success. Whilst the industry has evolved markedly over the decades, it’s the personal, friendly and professional client service that has really helped Lithocraft stand out from the pack.

Innovative Culture

Innovative Culture

What truly sets Lithocraft apart is its inclusive culture. It is driven by its core values, best practice and a passion for delivering high performance every day. The organisation embraces and encourages a ‘spirit’ of innovation. No two customers are alike. Our approach for every customer is tailored, flexible and adaptive to meet their needs and unique challenges.

Lithocraft have a strong belief in sharing its knowledge with its customers. By doing so, we empower them to make better decisions that deliver more cost-effective and environmentally sustainable outcomes and results.


Innovative work practices, improved workflow, speed to market. But at what cost? Here at Lithocraft, we take our responsibilities seriously, that is why working sustainably is one of our highest business priorities.

As we look to a greener future, our main focus is to embrace preventative sustainability. Our green practices include; computer-to-plate (CTP) printing, vegetable-based inks, recyclable aqueous coatings, rainwater harvesting and use, solar energy and stringent wastepaper recycling.

As part of our continuous commitment to sustainability, Lithocraft has invested over $500,000 in solar energy technology and will continue to invest in this area to minimise our impact.

Lithocraft utilises Ecoclean technology (recycling) to ensure zero harm to the environment. Effective quality control processes provide the highest standard formulated in accordance with all governing and regulatory requirements.

Ethical Sourcing

Ethical Sourcing

Lithocraft has a reputation for conducting business transactions in accordance with the highest standards of ethical business practice.

The company is committed to ensuring that our products are sourced ethically and responsibly by working with suppliers and service providers to continuously improve social and environmental practices within our entire supply chain and business.

Our robust ethical sourcing and modern day slavery framework is underpinned by supplier codes of conduct, training and education. It is also supported by appropriate sourcing policies and trading terms. Lithocraft respects and supports the dignity, well-being and human rights of our workers in our supply chain.

Lithocraft also maintains a zero-tolerance approach to bribery, corruption or unethical transactions by any of our employees, suppliers, agents or their representatives.

Our ethical sourcing program outlines a minimum set of standards, assessment and monitoring that are globally accepted best practices.

Measure and Improve

In order to ensure that there is full visibility on all campaigns and our supplier performance, Lithocraft measures, monitors and tracks all costs and key metrics for customers to deliver the best possible outcomes.

Lithocraft’s team of specialists analyse and optimise yields by offering a customised reporting suite designed to better manage its clients operational, financial and campaign data.

Lithocraft’s objective is to provide value added insights which deliver full transparency into existing processes, costs innovative solutions which are fully measured against customer expectations.


Ongoing education and support are vital to the future success of Lithocraft’s best practice account management model and innovative solutions offering.

Lithocraft provides the following education and training to its employees and customers:

  • Staff and customer training
  • Dedicated customer print innovation school sessions
  • Customer innovation days
  • Co-ordinated customer training
  • Webinars
  • Customer online user manuals
  • e-desk support and chatbot
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